EIILM University offers the student an exciting opportunity to study at an advanced level, to work with other students in a challenging, stimulating and rewarding environment and to develop skills and competencies that will last a lifetime. But most importantly, it offers intellectual empowerment.

Unparalleled Academic Rigour

The University lays a lot of emphasis on the curriculum, the course content and teaching methods. Assessment is often based on a combination of assigned course work and examinations. The student is tested not only on what he knows, but his ability to apply what he/she has learnt. Assessment during the program is continuous. It encourages the development of personal self-awareness and evaluation.

A Solid Foundation

The pedagogy is dynamic and challenging. There are lectures to attend, cases to solve and projects to be prepared. Overall, the programs at the University are a well- planned framework of analytical skills and intellectual tools. At the end of the program, apart from demonstrating a sound knowledge of the principles related to scientific basis of cases, the student is able to critically evaluate a problem and suggest strategies to resolve it.


There is a suite of laboratories, each dedicated to a particular area of specialization. Development of the laboratories has been consistent with the acknowledged expertise existing within the department and is focused on the methodologies involved. The University has made considerable investment in each of these facilities.

Guest Speakers

Having a guest speaker is an excellent way to provide current, realistic expertise on a critical topic, as well as increase the perceived value, which students receive from their class. EIILM University has attracted and continues to attract guest speakers, managers from various companies and academicians from reputed institutions to talk to our students and share their knowledge and experiences in their respective fields.

Student Clubs

There are many clubs such as IQ, photographic, hospitality, fashion, entertainment etc. managed by the students, which make the campuses lively and fun. The Photographic Club is one of the most active on campus. The Music Club organizes singing and dance classes besides conducting competitions and musical program. The Drama Club organizes theatrical functions at regular intervals. The Art and Literary Society publishes a Newsletter 'EU-Spectrum”. The students have formed groups to upkeep the campus and protect the environment. In addition to campus cleaning programs, they undertake tree planting and tree labeling activities. The Up-coming clubs include Science club and Mountaineering & Hiking Club.